A Very Simple Bittorrent Client For IsoHunt

There are lots of different Bittorrent clients to use when downloading files from the internet. Utorrent and BitComet are just a couple of big names since they have been existing for a long time. Both do have great features and tons of choices when it comes to settings, but does an average user really need all this? When we are usually speaking about torrent downloading, then the most important thing is speed of course, and second comes the various choice of files to be downloaded. So an average guy needs just a simple application to get the data off the internet to his computer and run it there. There is no need for difficult settings that one has no idea of and only brings trouble while adjusting them.

Is the second largest torrent site dead?

Here we are focusing on two brands. First comes one of the biggest torrent engines in the internet and after it I will introduce you the simple application to get it running smoothly. So as the title already says, meet Isohunt. It has been there for ten years already and despite all the court cases and legal actions started by copyright agencies, the large torrent database is still here. A week or two ago the headlines stated clearly that the large bittorrent engine is down globally after the owner Gary Fung had made such desicion. People instantly started to panic and search for alternatives. isohunt_logo37482Now some days later it is announced that IsoHunt is resurrected and found on a new domain. A group of activists launched the site and at first impression it is not related to the real founder of IsoHunt. Coming back to the original system itself, IsoHunt has long been the second largest torrent engine next to the Pirate bay. Serving thousands of users with millions of active torrents daily, this system is worldwide known for its massive amount of content. Now we did hear about a rumour that someone was copying the whole database before IsoHunt’s website went offline and after coming back on a new domain which a group of fans founded, there actually is most of its original database restored. We will see how MPAA reacts to it in the nearest future most probably. While not concentrating on its shut down but more on its features, IsoHunt’s system works as a search engine that finds torrent files from other sources. The user can then browse them and decide which ones to download using a torrent client for that. It is actually that simple. And the next question is which client to use and why.

ChilliTorrent is a new boy on the block

chillitorrent_logo4329There are several popular torrent clients like Vuze, uTorrent and BitComet. But still people look for something, maybe not knowing themselves what they are looking for. The issue with these popular applications is that they are full of features most users would never even use, and therefore they become complicated and slow to use. This is where ChilliTorrent comes in. This light-weight and very simple to use torrent downloader is free to use and has only essential options to modify. There are some main options in settings part and the possibility to download torrent files or magnet links both. Moreover, the ChilliTorrent application is ideal to use for IsoHunt torrents.